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Strategic thinking with an eye on the big picture

A bit of background

A world leader in wealth software for financial markets, IRESS relies on talented people to fuel its continued growth. We stepped in to solve their short-term staffing issues and then designed a talent programme that will ensure a stream of talent for years to come.

If you build it, they will come

Using our Build, Operate and Transfer model, we built two specialist recruitment hubs, one in the UK covering the UK, Canada and South Africa. The other hub was in Melbourne, covering Asia Pacific. We were given a clear directive – to standardise processes, increase the quality of hire while reducing agency utilisation, and to give the HRD a global overview.
In addition to globalising a best practice recruitment process, we rose to the challenge of aligning IRESS’ Employer Value Proposition (EVP) across all the companies that they were busy acquiring. We addressed the issue of reducing agency utilisation, a daunting prospect for many, by building a first class recruitment team capable of talent pooling and effective sourcing.
The next challenge was that most of the IRESS hires required technical skills that were sought after and in short supply. We could fulfil this demand with contractors but this would be margin erosive.

So, what happened next?

As IRESS’ strategic partner, we advocated a long-term solution that went beyond the recruitment and selection of talent. We put forward a programme focussed on growing IRESS’ own talent, year after year – this would enable them to hit their targets across various programmes.

We designed their graduate intake programme – not just the attraction and assessment side of things, but also the on boarding, ongoing development and retention of graduates. This included a buddy system, a Gold, Silver and Bronze development programme as well as a graduate community. These provided IRESS with a ‘conveyor belt’ of young talent coming up through the ranks. They facilitated the planning and mobilisation of their workforce, and transformed how they attracted, retained and grew their own talent.

Together, the established EVP across global locations and the grow-your-own talent programme have allowed IRESS to take full control of their worldwide recruitment needs – testament to the success of our strategic, client-focussed and forwarding thinking approach.

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