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Saving time and cost through 100% direct hiring

A bit of background

HostelWorld, a major player in the hostel and budget accommodation sector, was driven to further increase its share of the market. To achieve this, they acquired HostelBookers, whose presence increased market access and created synergies. The acquisition came with its challenges, primarily that both companies were using different IT systems.

Accommodating transformation

Working collaboratively with their Head of Development, we hired six PHP Developers and a Development manager to support the project. HostelWorld were so impressed by the service we delivered and the speed in which we did it, that RTM were consequently awarded an RPO for the larger business.

Once deployed on site at HostelWorld, RTM immediately identified a need to review their recruitment process. The existing process saw them heavily dependent on external recruitment sources to fulfil their hiring needs – this was proving costly and also resulting in a lengthy time to hire.

At the same time, RTM were tasked with bringing in a whole new marketing team for HostelWorld.
The effective communication of the HostelWorld employee value proposition (EVP) across the candidate community was essential to secure the exceptional talent HostelWorld was looking for.

So, what happened next?

The restructure of the marketing team following the acquisition could not have been managed without a strong, rigorous and speedy talent acquisition process. Bringing RTM on board proved to be a key difference in building an excellent marketing team, recognised across the business for its commitment, passion and quality. RTM successfully supported the hiring of more than 40, managing stakeholders and the hiring processes.

The new process has transformed how they hire talent, and what’s more, it’s seen them go from an 80% reliance on agency support to achieving 100% direct hiring – with no reliance on external agencies – saving them thousands in recruitment spend, and reducing the time to hire to boot!

To date, RTM continue to recruit multinational teams specialising in Digital, Finance, IT and Group Sales departments.

Solutions & Service features used:

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