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Grant Thornton

Success building on success

A bit of background

While this thriving financial firm was winning a lot of business, servicing that business was becoming an issue. So we took the pressure off their over-stretched permanent team by developing a Managed Service Programme (MSP) to build and manage an associate pool they could call-on with confidence.

First Steps: a tailor-made associate pool

Working closely with Grant Thornton’s Financial Services Business Consulting (FSBC) division, we made sure we understood both their, and their clients’ needs. Once we had a clear picture, we built, managed and developed an approved associate talent pool, with the goal of exceeding their growth objectives.
Our extensive network and expertise in the financial field allowed us to proactively target talent and enhance FSBC’s subject matter offering across key revenue lines. Once developed, we used the associate pool to identify specific business development opportunities. By centralising all associate records, we had instant information about the number of approved associates available. We added associate information to FSBC’s internal forecasting system to ensure single-view budgeting and a strategic workforce plan.
In addition, we created a consistent process for candidate approval, as well as a framework for on boarding, compliance, and management of new candidates. Our on-site presence meant we could respond quickly and robustly to all client requests.

So, what happened next?

FSBC is now in the happy position of being able to take on new clients, respond to a broad set of their requirements and pitch for a wide range of projects. Thanks to the handpicked PSL (engaged and managed by RTM), they have a significant pool of associates, covering all the sectors they operate in, broken down by functional expertise. As a result, FSBC has seen a significant increase in revenue and profit. The success of the associate pool means it’s now firmly embedded in the company’s five-year strategic plan.

Solutions & Service features used:

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