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Recognising a good recruitment programme isn’t a gamble

A bit of background

Faced with a number of recruitment challenges, Ladbrokes asked us to get to the heart of the issue. Our forensic insight was able to spot the sticking points and we instituted a new process that worked. And worked well. In fact, we’re now responsible for 100% of their hires.

The odds are good for recruitment that performs

Research, audit and discovery form the basis for all of our services. We believe this approach provides us with a forensic view of our clients’ current situations and the issues they face. Our scientific analysis of Ladbrokes’ existing processes, performance, systems and costs enabled us to highlight the areas that needed addressing.

Impressed with the depth of our analysis, Ladbrokes commissioned us to manage their resourcing change programme and to not just build, but lead a best of breed resourcing team – a Total Talent Solution. We worked closely with them to transition their recruitment process, starting with the launch of a candidate-profiling programme to identify talent communities for niche skills. Our extensive talent profiling programme included diversity, source of hire, post-exit interviews and customer analysis. We also created a bespoke dashboard system for them so HR could access real-time information to make informed decisions.

So, what happened next?

In just three years we’ve progressed from the initial audit to becoming Ladbrokes’ direct sourcing team, responsible for 100% of all retail hires and 95% of Head Office hires. We’ve reduced the cost of recruitment to a quarter of what it used to be, enabling cost savings of millions of pounds. We’ve enhanced Ladbrokes’ employer value brand with an improved website, a complete social media strategy and an excellent referral programme, together with an apprentice programme across UK Retail. Add to this an exceptionally comprehensive mapping of the candidate and hiring manager journey, the overall result is a structured, cost-effective and successful recruitment programme.

Solutions & Service features used:

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