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Digging deep to get the best talent pool

A bit of background

With an innovative new service in the pipeline, the Microsoft-owned communications company needed exceptional new talent. But with a shortage of trained technicians to draw from, a fresh approach was needed. So we created one. We developed a unique model to identify, find, train and look after their talent, and delivered a successful solution.

Getting Live, On Air

We provided a bespoke solution to Skype’s unique challenge. Through our Managed Service Programme (MSP), we built a talent pool of certified broadcast engineers from scratch. We engaged with them, training them in line with Skype’s high standards. Through global research, we determined the ideal candidate profile before creating a talent pool based on this.
We worked with Skype to formulate a strong, clear Employer Value Proposition (EVP). As part of our comprehensive talent profiling, we developed a training portal on a SharePoint platform to ensure consistency and compliance for Skype TX. We also implemented a real-time scheduling tool.

So, what happened next?

We kept the talent pool warm – topping up, maintaining talent and delivering candidates at very short notice, across the globe. As a traditional transactional model wasn’t fit-for-purpose, we developed a non-transactional version. Skype commissioned us on a monthly retainer basis to find, train and look after their talent – whether these individuals were formally engaged or not.
This model provided us with the all-important flexibility required. To attract the talent pool, we made use of our recruitment and selection service, on boarding, talent profiling, our EVP service as well as talent pooling.
With our help, Skype TX has gained tremendous traction Stateside – just check in with James Corden about how it’s made The Late Show more engaging for both viewers and participants.

Solutions & Service features used:

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