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Identifying exceptional candidates & meeting talent demands through sourcing brilliance

A bit of background

Citrix, a multinational software company, have a constant demand for highly experienced, niche sales and specialist technical skills in the UK, Germany and Ireland. The in-house team’s attraction methods were not proving successful, and additional direct sourcing and expertise was required. That’s when Citrix engaged RTM.

So, what happened next?

Initially, RTM were engaged for an eight week period to provide on-demand sourcing support for the Citrix EMEA Talent Acquisition Team. Following the success of this programme of work, and our collaborative working relationship with Citrix, the service has since evolved and RTM has been engaged as a full time sourcing partner.

To meet the fluctuating resource demand at Citrix, RTM has built a dedicated on-demand sourcing solution.

Our off site sourcing hub of three experienced, knowledgeable recruiters are completely integrated, working seamlessly with the Citrix in-house recruitment team. We have also deployed our on-site team operating as Citrix employees in Cambridge and Dublin, supporting UK and Ireland.

Using Avature, Citrix’s CRM system, RTM proactively sources passive, niche skill sets using best in class sourcing channels and practices future-proofing Citrix by building talent pools through community development.

These talent pools are kept “warm” through branded HTML communications including blogs, vacancy notifications and relevant reports pertaining to their area of interest.

The service delivers all sales and technology roles across the UK, Ireland and Europe (Germany, Scandinavia, Netherlands), all from our hub in the UK.

As the service spans multiple geographies, we have also worked closely on Citrix’s employer brand and associated social recruiting strategies, tailoring the employer value proposition to each candidate market, be that by brand, role or geography.

In addition to exceptional talent acquisition, RTM also provides bespoke MI and analytics through our unique Rhino dashboard.

So, how are we getting on?

RTM currently provides an outsourced sourcing service for Citrix, recruiting approximately 300 permanent staff per annum, with a 90% direct hire fill rate. Positions cover support sales staff through to senior executive management.

The talent ecosystem that RTM has built is exclusive to Citrix, and held within Avature. It currently holds over 4,300 engaged, screened and tagged (by region, skill-set etc.) candidates. This ecosystem has enabled a significant reduction in the time taken to hire from 87 days to 55 in the last six months alone.

Powered by RTM’s data science and insight capabilities, collaboration and engagement between RTM’s sourcing team, Citrix in-house team, key business stakeholders and the Citrix hiring manager community is continuously improving and delivering enhanced results for both the candidate and the business.

Solutions & Service features used:

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