Attract talent by humanising your brand

admin, 25th April 2017

People just don’t trust businesses anymore. Since the 2008 financial crisis, public opinion on large corporations is at an all time low. Big businesses without a human face are quickly demonised – I mean, just look at the whole United Airlines debacle. People are quick to jump on the bandwagon during a brand’s PR crisis. After all – it’s pretty satisfying for the ordinary joe to see a huge corporation that makes millions in profits have a bad day.

But, perhaps a longer lasting effect for the United Airlines of the world, is that people want to work for a brand that they trust. And if your brand is seen as profiteering and inhuman, you will not be able to attract talent.

So, how can you go about humanising your brand?

Cut out the jargon

In this day and age, authenticity rules. Customers are wising up to the fact that corporate jargon doesn’t really mean anything and are demanding that they are spoken to like human beings. Not only does jargon isolate potential customers who might not understand your buzzwords, but speaking in this kind of corporate code also makes your brand seem untrustworthy. In fact, a study by New York University found that its participants were far more likely to trust brands who communicated using concise sentences that they could identify with, as opposed to those filled with complex terminology.

Have a conversation

People are bombarded with advertising 24/7 and most people are becoming distrustful of traditional advertising techniques. After all, advertising is a way to convince you to part with your hard earned cash! That’s why, in order to build consumer trust, you have to engage your customers in a meaningful conversation. Producing content that will inspire and captivate your customers (rather than content that simply sells your services) will spark trust between your consumers and your brand, thus humanising it.

Embolden your employees

It is important to have company culture that inspires your employees to act as brand ambassadors; therefore, selling your brand and giving it a human face. The personal brands of your staff don’t compete with your corporate one, rather they complement it. Help your people to understand their personal brand and then align it with the broader goals of your corporate values. It’s all well and good saying that your business is committed to collaboration, but if your employees can demonstrate a collaborative mindset as part of their own personal brands then people are more likely to believe your mission statement.

By humanising your brand in these ways you will build consumer trust and, after all, people want to work for companies they have faith in. If you are engaging people and inspiring them through meaningful conversation and employee engagement then you can be sure to attract top talent.
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