Diversity – where are we now?

admin, 22nd November 2017

In December 2016, Ann Pickering (HR Director, O2) highlighted the need for HR’s focus on diversity in 2017, ending with a positive outlook for the future.

Nearing the end of the year, where are we now? The past few months alone have shown this outlook was well-founded, with #girlstakeover marking the #dayofthegirl in the Deloitte offices in Switzerland, for starters. Here in the UK, we have also showcased the BBC’s 100 Women, in which the #Teamlead initiative is about smashing the glass ceiling in corporations. This season also featured the FT’s 125 Women’s Forum, created to debate the future of business in a modern and diverse world, featuring Inner Circle’s Jacqueline de Rojas. Not to mention news of the largest all-female Antarctic expedition to fight inequality…

Off the back of Inclusion Week, it is also worth highlighting that gender is not the only issue organisations need to focus on in order to attract diverse staff. AXA, for example, celebrated the week with sessions on how to connect with fellow staff, how to be mindful of colleagues as well as a webinar regarding the LGBT community.

While we can’t ignore how far organisations have to go, especially in light of recent headlines that I don’t need to recount, it is encouraging to see organisations taking ‘real action’ in the move for equality, rather than simply creating policies and mission statements without really knowing what to do with them.

Pink girl power breaking the glass ceiling..
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